Anetta Stylianou


Anetta Stylianou was born in Zimbabwe and graduated from Salisbury Polytechnic. She has been awarded Honours from the Rhodesia Institute of Allied Arts. She emigrated to Cyprus 1977 and since then has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions in both Cyprus and overseas, some of which are:

  • Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea 2003 in Florence

  • Modern Art Management, Austria 2007

  • The Third Beijing International Art Biennale and the Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, China 2008

  • The Fourth Beijing International Art Biennale 2010, China 2010

  • The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale 2012, China 2012

She is a member of the Portrait Society of America, The Olympia Fine Arts Association (OFAA) and the Chamber of Fine Arts Cyprus.

When she selects a subject for her work she finds herself empathising with its emotional nature. It is for this purpose that these subjects have as commonality the promotion of noble human emotions and at other instances criticise their corresponding opposites. The emotional state is then conveyed and amplified in a harmonising combination of vibrant colours and unifying living forms. Within her work she evokes realism for its ability to project an outlook of life, which unlike abstraction, is characterised by solidity, gravity and clarity. The final outcome is then complemented by the application of impressionistic techniques that aim at rendering visual objectivity; an ingredient which she considers enhances the communication between her work and the viewer whose eyes happen to fall upon it.

Her works (the majority of which are commissioned portraits) can be found in public and private collections in Cyprus, Europe, America, the Middle East, and Africa.

My Work

"My work as a whole encompasses an exploration of the human experience. My interest in the people around me comes from the idea that we look at people every day, but we never really stop to SEE them. In every painting I strive to capture the beauty, variations and complexities of the human form. The goal of my portrait work is to capture the soul of the individual-not just their likeness. I'm inspired by the figurative works (to name a few) of Sargent, Fechin Caravaggio. Mr Lefteris Economou my teacher and friend, instilled in me a great love of art and an immense desire to create it. His work and ideas have found their way into mine. I see my work as a self-portrait in that the subjects of my paintings are all a part of me, each painting a learning experience and an exploration of myself as an artist.